9 Ways to Get Involved


Ways for Christian Teenagers to Get Involved



iNvite your friends to check out our social media sites.

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If you have a website – add one of our banner ads, otherwise display some of our social media banners on your social media site.


eNter one of our contests!

Check out our promotion and contest pages for our most current event, then enter to win.


eNlighten your church, youth pastors and peers about niNe. magazine.

Email us to request flyers to give out at your next youth group meeting or excursion, or just download flyers about niNe. magazine to hang around your school’s campus, youth group room or favorite hangout spot.


eNcourage a niNe. magazine reading group.

Why not initiate a small reading group within your circle of friends?! Read our updated issues and discuss what you found interesting! Go to the movies we promote, read the books we feature and participate in some of the activities we write about in our publication together as a group.


eNgage w/ our CAB team.

Our Content Advisory Board (CAB) is a group of devoted readers who provide us with insight to improve niNe. magazine and help us grow so we can become a stronger voice for Christ. Please contact us about our CAB team for more information on this fun opportunity. 


iNvest in our t-shirts!

Check out the niNe. magazine store to purchase one of our comfortable and vibrant “tree shirts” for only $25.00.


uNload your questions and suggestions to niNe.

Ask us questions about who God is and what’s He’s doing in your life. Let us know what you would like to see in our next issue. Tell us ways we can improve niNe. magazine. Email us your questions and suggestions or post it on social media using #askniNe.



iNvent a new t-shirt design for us to create, submit an embarrassing moment and reader’s contribution or write an article for our publication. Send all entries and ideas to us via email!


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