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You have an audience of teen girls who want to grow in faith and deserves to hear the truth. They are beautiful, young women, made by God. They have a particular place in the world God created. Jesus is calling them to greatness and will be with them each step of the way. But with all the noise and mixed messages in society teens need to hear that truth through insightful, relatable messages that reach your group where they are. niNe.’s roster of speakers have taken their own challenges and adventures and prepared presentations on a multitude of specific topics encountered by teen girls every day. Fill out the information below to connect with niNe. and schedule an opportunity to learn more about God’s hope for your group of teen girls.


Alicia Hayes

Alicia graduated from Eastern University with a BA in Communication Studies and Mass Media concentration. She has a passion for theater and dreams of encouraging teens to walk in their identity through Jesus.

Alicia speaks on the following topics:

  • Modesty and the Body
  • Creativity
  • Fruits and Inner Beauty
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • College Life
  • Travel and Missions
  • Grief and Teenagers*
  • Sex and Teenagers*

* Directed toward youth pastors or leaders who influence and guide youth and young adults.

Melinda Laging

Melinda, founder of niNe. magazine, has been involved in youth ministry for over a decade. She loves connecting with young women who don’t see their true worth and beauty because she longs for everyone to know how much their creator loves them.

Melinda speaks on the following topics:  

  • Manipulation of Media
  • Healthy Body Image
  • Maintaining Spiritual Fruit

Quinn Collins

Quinn has worked in television production for over a decade. He has written, directed and produced feature stories and programs airing on ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and more. While attending the University of Iowa he served as manager with the men’s basketball team.

Quinn speaks on the following topics:  

  • Faith in the Sports Industry
  • Perseverance
  • Media



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