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To celebrate its tenth anniversary, niNe. magazine launches a newly designed and updated website. niNe. magazine introduced its previous website with it’s online-only launch, so the tenth anniversary is the perfect time to update.

The intention for the new website is to be a place of rest and rejuvenation for teen readers. To help counter the constant barrage of information and distractions that are thrown at teens on a daily basis, niNe. hopes to provide a place for teens to breathe – escaping the busyness of everyday life. niNe. magazine’s founder Melinda Laging describes the website as a place that “through both the design and the content, should lead each reader closer to the Lord so they can hand their burdens over to Him and find restoration in His glory and strength.”

Originally, the goal was to launch solely a new homepage for the existing website, but with the help of Christian Internet Design (CI Design), an entire new website has been created. niNe. magazine chose to work with CI Design because of their young talent and interest in forming relationships with their clients. Due to their personalized approach and passion for their work, CI Design and niNe. magazine were able to work together to create a new, fresh website in hopes of drawing more readers to the content it displays.

About Nine Media, Inc: Nine Media, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that includes an online magazine (niNe. magazine) for Christian teenage girls between the ages of 13 to 18 and a community of presenters who are passionate about speaking life and wisdom into teenagers and young adults. Nine Media’s mission is to present Jesus Christ’s message of love and compassion through inspired, creative media and presentations that empower and challenge youth and young adults to attain their fullness in God. The title for Nine Media references the nine fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

About CI Design: Christian Internet Design is a family-run company that has been serving Christian small business owners and non-profits, helping them create fresh, new websites, for over 18 years. CI Design prides itself on its ability to form personalized relationships with clients and create a product that serves its customers and the Lord at the same time.

To learn more about CI Design, go to http://www.christian-internet.com/.


07/05/16 niNe. magazine TURNS TEN

niNe turns 10 cover rev5 op1niNe. magazine, an online Christian publication for teen girls, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer (#niNeTurns10). The premier issue featured shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton. Now, after reflecting on ten years of production, the founder of niNe. magazine writes to readers, reminding them of the significant impact each and every one of them can make on the world. Over the past 10 years niNe. has grown and moved in new directions; always with a goal of making the Bible relatable for teen girls. Various media outlets, including a website, print magazine and a variety of social media accounts, have been used to successfully connect niNe. to its readers. Founder of niNe., Melinda Laging, explains that “niNe. magazine is moving alongside teens through new, inventive and relevant media outlets.”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, niNe. invites all volunteers who have helped in any capacity to a party in their honor. The party is being thrown not only as a recognition of ten years of niNe., but also to appreciate the volunteers who are essential to the magazine and its development. niNe., being a non-profit magazine, relies immensely on its volunteers to succeed and reach its goals. As Laging points out, “niNe. magazine wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our dedicated and passionate volunteers.”

To continue with the #niNeTurns10 celebrations, the online publication is launching a newly designed website for its viewers. The new website provides a fresh, clean layout while still maintaining the great features and content that allow readers to connect with God and the Bible in a meaningful way. The current website was created when niNe. relaunched as an online only publication, so the 10-year anniversary creates the perfect opportunity to update for its readers.


11/CHRIS TOMLIN ON COVER OF niNe. magazine

Cover Issue 27 - Chris TomlinChris Tomlin, contemporary Christian musician and songwriter, is featured on the cover of niNe. magazine. Tomlin’s most recent album, Adore, focuses on the aspect of community during the Christmas season, a key element to niNe. magazine’s Winter Issue.

Adore is written as a celebration of Jesus’ birth and the coming of Christ. Tomlin explains the importance of community within the celebration of Christmas. In the article, he specifically mentions the community of angels bringing comfort to all. He also talks about community in his own career. Tomlin demonstrates this personal community by utilizing the help of close friends when creating the album. That collaboration adds a special touch to Adore.

Tomlin was chosen as a featured artist on niNe.’s cover because of the powerful impact he has on his listeners. He strives to inspire fans and connect with them, showing the community that can be formed between them and the Lord. niNe. also strives to connect teen girls to Jesus in many different ways.

The concept of community is also shown in these three articles throughout the issue, Silent Night, Christmas Story Characters, and Feel Threatened:

First of all, the article, Silent Night, encourages readers to limit cellphone usage during the holidays so that they can focus on their loved ones. Going without a cellphone and spending more time with family, friends and Jesus help readers see the community that surrounds them, especially during the holidays.

Christmas Story Characters describes the different characters in the Christmas Story and what they learned throughout their journey. Both Joseph and Mary learned lessons that relate to community – Joseph to honor others, and Mary to embrace the gift she was given with Jesus and the community that has formed around her because of His birth.

Lastly, the article, Feel Threatened, focuses on King Herod and his feelings regarding the birth of Jesus. He became overwhelmed and nervous about the coming of a new king and manages his feelings by focusing only on himself. This story is used to help show readers how important it is to trust the Lord and focus on glorifying Him and His kingdom, rather than be selfish.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization serving teen girls through speaking engagements and online resources released its annual financial report. Both the outreach of Nine Ministry and the media outlet of niNe. magazine are housed under the umbrella of Nine Media, Inc. which is fully funded by donations. Download our Annual Report here or review our filing with the State Colorado.



Nine Ministry director, Alicia Hayes will be speaking at Soul Fest in August. Soul Fest is a Christian music festival that gathers over 1,000 teens and youth pastors from across the country to engage in worship and teachings. As a result, Hayes is speaking in the “Back Room,” a café-setting, separate from the main stage where attendees come for more focused workshops and talks.


On Friday, August 7th Alicia will engage with youth leaders on the topic of Grief and Teenagers. This talk will supplement the Suicide Prevention panel held at this year’s Soul Fest. Alicia will speak to teenagers on Saturday regarding the topic of Fruit of the Spirit and Inner Beauty. This particular talk is one of the only workshops exclusively for young women at The Soul Fest. This setting will provide Nine Ministry with an opportunity to engage with audience members more intimately allowing feedback and further dialogue with teen girls. When not speaking, Alicia will be at a Nine Ministry/niNe. magazine vendor table, available for networking and further discussion with teens.


This is the largest event the ministry will be involved in this year. Soul Fest will not only be a vehicle for Nine Ministry to communicate its messages of God’s love, true significance, and encouragement to teenagers, but also a way to connect with them one-on-one. Director, Alicia Hayes, has a passion not just to talk to youth, but to identify with them. The Soul Fest also offers Nine Ministry with a broad canvas of churches, organizations, teens, and youth leaders to network with and build more momentum for the ministry to continue into 2016. You can find out more information about the Soul Fest on their website: thesoulfest.com.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization serving teen girls through speaking engagements and online resources released its annual financial report. Both the outreach of Nine Ministry and the media outlet of niNe. magazine are housed under the umbrella of Nine Media, Inc. which is fully funded by donations. Review our filing with the State Colorado here.



Nine Ministry, a Christian non-profit that encourages and connects with teenage girls, ages 13-18, extends contract for current director, Alicia Hayes for another six months. “In these six months I plan on building a network of non-profits, churches, schools and events to strengthen Nine Ministry and bring the positive message of Christ’s love to teenagers,” states Alicia Hayes.

As director, Alicia maintains Nine Ministry’s blog, Fruitful Thoughts, and speaks on a variety of topics including the following: inner beauty, creativity, grief, travel and missions, modesty, and meaningful relationships. She graduated from Eastern University in 2013 with a BA in Communication Studies and a concentration in Mass Media. With her training in communication and eight years of theatre, Alicia provides beneficial skills for the growth of the ministry.

“We’re excited to have Alicia stay on for another six months and hope to continue extending her contract in the future. She has been pivotal to the development of the Ministry,” states Executive Director and Founder Melinda Laging. “Alicia has an incredible voice, easily relates to youth and has a passion for this young generation. Teens need a positive influence in this world as many outlets are encouraging them to be something they are not. We strive to help teens understand their own beauty as defined by God, and Alicia does a great job of connecting with them,” encourages Laging. Hayes daily responsibilities also include the management of Nine Ministry’s various social media outlets.

About Nine Ministry: Nine Ministry is a branch of the 501c3 non-profit organization Nine Media, Inc. that encourages teens to view their value and worth as defined by God, not by the world. Through speaking engagements and informational resources, Nine Ministry desires for youth to live in the fullest of Christ’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Speakers all discuss topics inspired by the Fruit of the Spirit to connect with teenagers on a personal level, and utilize a blog and interactive social media to encourage teenagers on a broader scale.




Cover Issue 20 - Blake RayneWith the recent release of the movie, The Identical, niNe. magazine features the movie’s lead actor, Blake Rayne, for the September/October issue. His career started with a dare but his relationship with God was born from a need for something sturdier in his life. As a role model, he encourages teens to “seek the word of God” and strengthen their relationships with Him, because when they do, everything will fall into place. For this reason, niNe. magazine felt he was the ideal cover for this issue.

As you scroll through the article of Rayne, the resemblance to the rock n’ roll legend Elvis Presley is uncanny. But, the journey of how Rayne started as an impersonator and became a stronger man of God makes the article worth the read. On a dare, his mother convinced Rayne to enter an Elvis impersonator contest, despite the lack of entertainment experience he won the contest. He then made a career out of impersonating Elvis but eventually wanted to be himself. As this realization manifested he became torn between the desires of his parents, himself and the world.

The role he plays in The Identical reflects his own experience dealing with an identity conflict. The character he plays is torn between his passion for music and his father’s desire for him to become a pastor. The way Rayne handled his dilemma on and off the screen made him an ideal role model for niNe. In Rayne’s own life he found that the only way to resolve his dilemma was to seek God. Rayne can testify that everything will fall into place when you put your heart in the right place by focusing on God.

The Identical released in theaters on September 5 is hitting home with many Christian families. Most teens will take away the words of advice from Rayne provided in both the article and the movie. Teens often find themselves caught at a fork in the road – one diverges to where their friends or society wants them and the other follows the words of God. This article provides encouragement for teens to choose the road for God. For more information visit niNe. magazine or read the full article on Blake Rayne.



Alicia Hayes, Director of Nine Ministry, spoke to the Youth Group at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. The title of her talk was, “Fruit of the Spirit and Inner Beauty”. This was a springboard moment for the outreach ministry of niNe. magazine and helped to introduce teens to the essence of niNe. magazine without solely emphasizing the publication. Alicia connected with the teenagers by giving them ways to live a life closer to Christ and live by the Fruit of the Spirit. She asked the students think of examples of people in their lives who lived by the Fruit of the Spirit so that the students could have a personal understanding and role model of someone living out of the Fruit of the Spirit.

Alicia was also invited to speak at a local high school where few Christian organizations are invited to share their message. Alicia was able to talk about the outreach ministry of Nine as well and gave each participant a t-shirt.

Alicia shared each of these talks right before summer, a great time to promote inner beauty and confidence to teenagers. By teaching the teenagers about the fruit of the Spirit, Alicia taught them about the essence of niNe magazines and ministry. Alicia helped to spend time directly with the teenagers in order to build a strong connection to them through outreach, and with the hopes of being able to continue connecting with them through niNe. publication.

Meet our speakers or request more information here.




As Kevin Max announces his solo career and releases his newest single “Broken Temples,” he made a pledge to “dive deep” into the relationships God placed in his life. Inspired by this pledge, niNe. magazine will encourage readers to make the same pledge.

The giveaway encourages readers and social media followers to make the following pledge – “I, promise to dive deep into the web of wonderful relationships and people that God has brought into my life on this amazing journey of the soul.” It is a shortened version of the original pledge Max wrote for the release of his new single. The pledge reminds teens that they cannot live in this world alone. God created them to need other people and by delving into those relationships, life becomes more enjoyable.

Teens can either write the pledge on Facebook or Twitter, make a 15 second video saying the pledge on Instagram, or create a video for YouTube speaking the pledge. niNe. magazine is also encouraging readers to team up with friends to make creative videos of their pledges. “Since the idea itself is completely different than anything we’ve done before we wanted to be unconventional with this giveaway and explore the use of different mediums for our audience to enter the contest,” commented Katherine Bellus, Marketing Team member. The winner will be randomly selected after the termination of the contest and will receive Max’s CD “The Blood.”

The giveaway contest officially begins August 25, 2014 and will run for at least four weeks.



Teenagers. The word strikes fear into the hearts of many, but for Nine Ministry, this is not the case. Nine Ministry acknowledges that while the teenage years are often associated with frivolous behavior, they are a complex, integral part of personal and spiritual development. Remember for a moment what it was like to be a teenager. You were trying to discover your interests, strengths, weaknesses, communication stills, faith,
style, and more. Through all this, you were met with strong, often negative messages from friends, television, advertisements, teachers, family members, film and more. Nine Ministry wants to encourage teenagers during this testing time with messages of hope, inspiration, affirmation and support through Christian insight.

To accomplish this leading, Nine Ministry hired a new Director. Alicia Hayes has a heart for youth and has been working with them for many years. She hopes to connect with and encourage them in the same way that pivotal church leaders and teachers did when she was a youth. On a day-to-day basis, Hayes will create and maintain the ministry’s social media and blog accounts, establish connections with other nonprofits and churches to engage with youth directly through speaking opportunities, and fundraise for the expansion and operation of the ministry. Alicia was chosen because of her background in theatre and her BA in Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Media from Eastern University, an accredited Christian University. Nine Ministry is excited and optimistic with the addition of Alicia Hayes to the ministry.



niNe. magazine begins a promotional campaign to encourage the sales of the publication’s fashion line. The line currently consists of two graphic t-shirts in color combinations of a Kelly Green tee with Hot Pink print and a Sky Blue tee with Lime Green print. The shirts spotlight a whimsical tree design with the niNe. magazine butterfly and name logo trademarks. They were originally released in May 2013.

The marketing team will utilize various strategies as a part of the campaign. The shirts will be advertised through social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram. niNe. will be launching a series of giveaways as promotional opportunities through social media and with youth organizations such as YoungLife. In addition, niNe. will write DIY articles that pertain directly to the fashion line and will allow students to fundraise for upcoming mission trips by selling shirts.

The goal behind the t-shirt marketing campaign is to advertise niNe. so that young girls will be drawn to the publication and, more importantly, to Jesus Christ. Founder Melinda Laging said in reference to the shirts, “Our overall, long-term goal is to present a fashionable, yet modest, ‘designer’ quality fashion line for teen girls who love God but don’t want to wear the cliché Christian clothing.”

For more detailed information on the shirts, please visit our store.




As the summer reaches its peak, niNe. magazine develops a giveaway enticing current Facebook followers to encourage their friends to like niNe. magazine on Facebook.

The giveaway will reward one current niNe. Facebook follower and the person they encouraged to like niNe. magazine’s Facebook page with hand-made jewelry from Rahab’s Rope. One winner will receive their Three Toned Earrings and the other will receive their Soda Can Earrings. It is relatively quick to participate in this contest, making it ideal for teenage girls during their busy summer vacation. The contest is also easy to become involved in which will help encourage more people to share in the giveaway and learn more about the magazine. “We wanted to implement something that would be simple for our target market yet still rewarding,” explains marketing team member, Erika Carroll. The goal of the giveaway is to further develop the relationship the magazine has with its current Facebook followers while expanding awareness about the magazine and building new relationships within niNe.’s target market.

The giveaway is scheduled to run for at least two weeks starting on Monday, July 14, 2014.

To learn more about the giveaway contest visit niNe.magazine’s Facebook page.

About Rahab’s Rope: Rahab’s Rope is a 501(c)(3) that exists to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. By creating a safe and loving environment, Rahab’s Rope enables women and girls to grow and develop physically, mentally and spiritually. To learn more, please visit http://www.rahabsrope.org/.



 Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, releases their annual financial report. Download our statement here or find filing with the State Colorado here.



Cover Issue 16 - SwitchfootSwitchfoot, an American alternative rock band that has seen great success in the Christian rock genre, is featured on the January/February cover of niNe. magazine. The band’s passion for creating rock music that provides an uplifting and wholesome message makes Switchfoot an amazing addition to niNe.’s cover.

According to band member Jon Foreman, “Switchfoot” comes from a surfing term that means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. This is fitting for the band as they strive to be different, make a change and approach life and music in a fresh new way. Just like Switchfoot takes a different approach in music, niNe. takes a different approach in media by providing positive, encouraging content that lifts up readers.

Switchfoot releases their most recent album, which is largely inspired by trips the band made to some of their favorite surf spots around the world. To accompany this album, the band made a documentary with the same name. Band members agree that their identity is based on their past – both the highs and the lows of their journey together. Foreman explains that he’s had times when he has questioned God, himself and everyone else around him. It’s during those times that it’s important to remember there is a bigger meaning to life and there’s a Creator that loves and cares.

Switchfoot’s story and music serve as a great reminder of a powerful and loving Creator that helps us through dark times in our life. For more information visit niNe. magazine ’s website to read Switchfoot’s featured cover story.




Kylie-Bisutti-cover-version3-3Former Victoria’s Secret model, Kylie Bisutti, is the cover of the November/December issue of niNe. magazine. Bisutti went from doubting every aspect of her body and scrutinizing herself for not living up to society’s standard of beauty to reveling in God’s love for her and seeing beauty through His eyes. She takes the time to share her epiphany with young girls on the true meaning of beauty and God’s unconditional love. By doing this Bisutti epitomizes what niNe. represents.

As a model, Bisutti has seen behind the lens of a photo shoot. She has experienced first-hand the photo-shopping of pictures until they become images of women that are completely unattainable even to models such as Bisutti. There was even a time during her career when she became consumed with becoming the “photo-shopped” version of herself. She would alter her own features like wearing hair extensions and fake eyelashes. It was not until God revealed to her that she would continue to feel inadequate unless she learned to see her own true beauty.

Bisutti heeded His words and began to see herself and others as His perfect creation. She wanted to share this transformation and new way of thinking with young girls everywhere so she wrote the book “I am not an Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model” and started a clothing line called God Inspired Clothing. In the feature story, Bisutti shared her top four suggestions to see one’s true beauty. They included advice such as forgiving yourself and reading the Bible.

With the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show coming up, Bisutti’s story is perfectly timed. It is a great reminder to young girls that they are just as beautiful as the super models because they’re God’s creation. niNe. will be posting Bisutti’s ”30 days of beauty” on social media sites to coincide with the show. For more information visit niNe. magazine’s website or view the full article on Kylie Bisutti.




1st Contest Winner Submission by Kayla_WPFniNe. magazine announces first contest winner since the publication’s inception in 2005. Kayla Diggs, 12, of Charlotte won the inaugural contest with her illustrated submission of the chevron style.

“The most popular thing (trend) this season is the chevron design. It is on almost everything you can imagine these days,” said Diggs. She will also receive exclusive jewelry provided by Rehab’s Rope, perfume by Shelbie Bruce and the chance to model the new fashion line for niNe. magazine.

The contest invited participants to submit a picture of their favorite fashion trends for the upcoming spring season as niNe. expects to launch a new fashion line. niNe. magazine hoped to spark interaction amongst the magazine’s readers.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., launches its’ first fashion line – a brand-new and innovative project for the company that features two graphic t-shirts in youthful color combinations of hot pink and sky blue with lime green. The t-shirts spotlight a whimsical tree design with the niNe. magazine butterfly and name logo trademarks. Melinda Laging, founder of niNe. magazine, says, “Our overall, long-term goal is to present a fashionable, yet modest, “designer” quality fashion line for teen girls who love God but don’t want to wear the cliché Christian clothing.”

niNe. magazine's Green Tree Shirt ApparelNine Media continued its virtuous standards and employed Youth Enterprise to design and print the t-shirts. It is a phenomenal company that offers the opportunity for youth living in urban areas to gain relevant life and business skills all based on the hope of Christ. Supporting such businesses is important to Nine Media, which anticipates that all of its readers will look forward to other modest apparel items from the future fashion line after the kickoff with the t-shirt.

Another goal of Nine Media is to employ a sustainable company that shares its values, therefore t-shirts are being printed by Anvil who “is dedication to improve the environmental and social impact of their operations and products.” T-shirts are also being printed by The Next Level (TNL) who “are dedicated to ethical standards of conduct; respect the rights of all individuals and care for the environment. In addition to being sweat shop free and child labor free, TNL takes social responsibility to the next level in everything they do.”




Issue12-cover-version1-UPDATED-3.1The Christian rock band, Skillet, explains to niNe. how the CD Rise encourages listeners to make a change in their lives and seek God for strength. Band members use the inspiration of their own experiences dealing with the negativities of the world and their own inner battles to produce a spiritual guide for teens, which is why Skillet is the featured story of the May/June issue of niNe. magazine.

niNe. magazine chose to feature Skillet’s new CD Rise for the message it sends to its listeners. The CD initially appears to be a typical dark hardcore album; however, when people dive into the lyrics they will discover encouraging words. Like in Skillet’s song “Sick of it,” the band calls for change in the aspects of listeners’ lives where they want to be transformed. The CD’s songs also progress from desiring change to needing a Savior. This reflects John Cooper’s, lead vocalist/ bassist, ultimate goal of the album – to encourage teens to “rise above their frustrating lives and seek God for healing and the strength to overcome.” The band realizes times are changing but the lives of teenagers can still be tough and they want their songs to be relatable and inspirational. Skillet’s message is the lyrical version of what niNe. is telling its readers.

With the school year ending and summer just around the corner, Skillet’s story comes at a perfect time. The stress of final tests and projects can add strain on teenagers and this article leads them to an outlet – God. By seeking Him and listening to encouraging words like those from Skillet, theywill survive the stress and struggle! As summer starts and peer pressure increases, niNe. hopes that this article will encourage readers to be true to themselves and be comfortable with who they are. niNe. also prays that readers know that there are people out there, like Skillet, who understand their struggles and can relate to them. For more information, go to niNe. magazine or view the article on Skillet .



niNe. magazine is holding its first contest to promote its fashion launch. The contest encourages teen girls to send a picture of their favorite spring fashion trend to the magazine.

Winners will receive a new t-shirt from the magazine’s new fashion line among other prizes. niNe. magazine hopes that the t-shirt will inspire teens to create their own unique and beautiful look. Additional prizes consist of jewelry from the non-profit organization Rahab’s Rope, make-up and, for the grand prize winner, an opportunity to model niNe.’s shirt in a promotional photo shoot. Three winners will be chosen by niNe. magazine staff and announced the day after the contest ends. To enter or learn more about the contest visit www.ninemagazine.org/Contest.html.

niNe. magazine wants to know what its readers find trendy, so it’s reaching out and asking them directly. Founder, Melinda Laging says, “The magazine encourages teens to stand firm in their faith, pursue great significance in their daily life and know that they are beautiful and loved. niNe. doesn’t seek to sell to teens or mold them into something that the media proclaims they should be, so the magazine desires to hear from teens what they love about the upcoming spring trends.”

Rahab’s Rope is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit whose mission is to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. They provide a safe and loving environment that will enable women to grow and develop both physically and spiritually.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, releases their annual financial report. Download our statement here or find filing with the State Colorado here.



Colton Dixon CoverColton Dixon, former American Idol star, is prepping to release his new album, The Messenger, on January 29, 2013. To help launch his debut album, he will grace the front cover of niNe. magazine, a magazine which targets teenage girls to help bring them closer to God and focus on the beauty that He instilled into them. Colton is stepping in to be the star of the magazine for its January/February issue. The magazine is expecting an exponential growth once the issue is released due to Dixon’s popularity with young Christian teens. niNe magazine is featuring Colton Dixon for his remarkable faith as demonstrated on American Idol by being a strong representation of a Christian on an American reality TV show.

niNe. magazine is honored to have an opportunity to talk to and help publicize Colton and his steps in releasing his first album. The feature also covers his time on the show and how that correlates with the release of his debut album. Colton’s love for Jesus Christ that he expressed to all the viewers of American Idol is a testimony in itself. Not many contestants have gone to such lengths to honor their Savior.

Colton’s time on American Idol was one that made an impact. From having Jennifer Lopez, a judge, completely moved and in tears to the emotional end as he sang Lifehouse’s Everything as he was voted off the show. At the end, he thanked his Savior for the opportunity to have such a great journey. Christian labels contacted Dixon the next day. This experience stands out to readers of niNe magazine and Christians across the world. They see how Colton stood his ground on one of the most watched shows in America and still give his heart to God.

Colton will be touring as his debut album launches, and growing his ministry as he tours across America. niNe is looking forward to publicizing Colton as he launches his music career and is thankful for the exclusive opportunity to have his feature on the cover of their magazine.



Taylor Spreitler Cover WordPressFeatureThe up and coming actress, Taylor Spreitler, who just landed a role on the ABC Family series Melissa and Joey is featured on the cover of niNe. magazine where she speaks about her work in the movie 3 Day Test. While learning the tricks of the trade, Spreitler recognizes the pressures and stereotypes that are related to being a young, female actress. However, she continues to remind herself and others the importance of recognizing the things in life that truly matter, which is why niNe. magazine focuses on Spreitler for their holiday issue.

Taylor passionately spoke in her interview which is relayed in her niNe. magazine feature. She explains how you don’t always know why someone feels the need to attack you, but often, it is because he or she is struggling with insecurities or other deep issues. Taylor offers advice encouraging readers to get to know an accuser. This allows the opportunity to understand what exactly is going on in his or her life that may be causing him or her to act in such a way. With bullying being such a significant headline in the news, Taylor’s insight is very timely for niNe. readers.

Taylor also discusses how, even at a young age, she is realizing the importance of portraying her true beauty and unique identity. She has learned to embrace who she is and not what the stereotypes of the acting industry encourage her to be. Taylor humbly states that she does not try to aim for the media’s version of perfection because it is not realistic.

She goes on to discuss the importance of showing love and compassion for people. Similar to bullying, she realizes that you do not always know what people are going through and that you can never jump to conclusions until you have stood in their place. This story relates perfectly to the idea niNe. magazine focuses on by encouraging girls to be comfortable in their own skin, embracing their unique beauty and learning to focus on the truly important things in life. To see this story and more about niNe. view the article on Taylor Spreitler.


11/01/12 niNe. magazine RELEASES NINTH ISSUE

niNe. magazine, an online Christian magazine for teenage girls between the ages of 13 to 18, releases its ninth issue. A ninth issue isn’t usually important to other publications, but niNe. is taking the chance to celebrate its namesake. The magazine’s title is derived from the nine fruit of the Spirit found in the biblical scripture Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The magazine seeks to inspire and empower young women to live by the values encapsulated by its title.

The release of the ninth issue of niNe. magazine marks just over a year since the magazine made its online-only debut. As a result, the content of this special issue perfectly embodies the goals and values of the magazine with articles on relationships, health, beauty, fashion and so much more. The ninth issue includes advice on using self-evaluation in the process of asking a boy on a date, as well as a step-by-step guide to avoid becoming a “Material Girl.” Each article is a testament to the magazine’s commitment to applying God’s messages to the everyday lives of teenagers.

In celebration of its ninth issue, the magazine included an article on its namesake. This particular article discusses how the acceptance of Christ into our lives, leads to the receipt of all nine Spiritual fruit. The fruit of the Spirit are not earned, and they do not come one at a time. This article demonstrates niNe. magazine’s belief that when teen girls accept Christ into their lives they will take on the characteristics of Christ as guided by the Spirit.

­­­There is nothing niNe. loves more than the chance to celebrate its favorite number; the magazine frequently incorporates it into different articles. This month it is a list of “9 Steps to Building Confidence.

Visit niNe. magazine’s website to view the ninth issue.



cure cover rev3niNe. magazine celebrates its first anniversary since its launch as an online-only magazine. The magazine strives to communicate with Christian teenage girls, encouraging them to pursue a strong sense of self by connecting with God.

The eighth issue of the magazine features the organization Cure.org, a Christian based non-profit that provides medical treatment in impoverished areas, marks the one year anniversary. Both establishments are committed to bringing joy and fulfillment to its recipients, making Cure.org the perfect subject to be featured in this special issue. Typically celebrity artists in the Christian industry are featured, but for this special occasion, niNe. magazine wanted to highlight an organization making a significant impact in the world.

During the first year online, the magazine has experienced a steady growth in readership. There has been a 33% increase in viewers and an overall page view increase of 35% from March to October.

niNe. magazine became an online-only publication for three main reasons:

  1. the teen audience is analyzing content online more than reviewing print publications,
  2. it provides all teen girls access to the values and encouragement niNe. tries to instill in the lives of young women and it’s not limited by subscriptions,
  3. costs are significantly cut allowing extra funds to go toward speaking engagement and outreach opportunities that impacts teens face-to-face through outreach opportunities.

Just like its young readers when they engage with the magazine, niNe. resonates that it is also evolving and growing as God has called them to do.



Hannah Chancellor CoverHannah Chancellor, keyboardist and back-up singer of the Christian Rock band An Epic, No Less, is featured in the July/August issue of niNe. magazine. Her devotion to God both on and off the stage makes her the perfect cover girl for the online magazine. niNe. features Christian role models, like Chancellor, who inspire young women to follow their dreams and simultaneously keep their hearts turned to God.

Chancellor is currently promoting the band’s debut album “Echo of Love.” Though many bands don’t find much success with their first album, An Epic, No Less is committed to using its music to serve the church and lead others in worship. Comprised of “God’s Songs,” as Chancellor claims, the album is designed to bring both the band and its listeners closer to Him.

niNe. magazine chose to spotlight Chancellor for her commitment to spreading His word while pursuing her passion for music. Chancellor’s emphasis on following God’s path and trusting Him to help believers fulfill their purpose is a message that niNe. strives to impart on its readers. Chancellor also stresses the importance of following Him in the context of relationships. She wants niNe. magazine readers to understand the value of guarding their hearts and exercising restraint rather than acting on impulse. One of the July/August articles on relationships focuses on having self-confidence as a pre-requisite for romantic relationships, which Chancellor’s advice perfectly complements.

The timing of Chancellor’s appearance on the cover of niNe. magazine is ideal for the back-to-school season. Her focus on bringing God into every aspect of her life acts as a reminder for teens to do the same throughout the new school year. For more information visit niNe. magazine’s website or to view the full article on Hannah Chancellor.


05/01/12 ELEVEN22 MAKES COVER OF niNe. magazine

Cover Issue 6 - Eleven22Eleven22 is the topic of conversation for niNe. magazine as the feature artist for the current cover. An inspirational story accompanies the band’s sophomore album release. The Reason is inspired by McKenzie Wilson, a girl who was diagnosed with a rare brain disease at the early age of fifteen. In an interview with Ben Williams, front man and worship pastor at Beach United Methodist Church in Florida, he discusses how her faith deepened their desire to create music that honors and glorifies the Lord.

Ben speaks about his support in planning McKenzie’s memorial after her death. It was during this planning process that Ben received McKenzie’s Bible from her father. Upon reading her Bible, McKenzie’s thoughts and struggles in life were revealed. Ben was able to discover that her conflicts were very profound issues that he never would have expected her to possess. From this, Ben realized that, despite her imperfections and doubts, McKenzie was trying to diligently honor God and make Him a central part of her life. From the notes she wrote in her Bible, Ben found inspiration as to what the lyrics of his songs would contain.

Through The Reason, Eleven22 turns a tragic story into a heartwarming and uplifting message about a young woman’s security in Christ. The struggle that McKenzie went through of questioning her faith is a testimony that niNe. magazine finds relevant to all young women and hopes to provide reassurance to readers just as McKenzie relayed. To find out more about niNe. magazine and this story, visit the link on Eleven22.



Issue 5 Rachel Hendrix CoverRachel Hendrix is featured on the March/April issue of niNe. magazine. Hendrix, a photographer by trade, is now a national critically acclaimed actress and role model for Christian women. niNe. features Christian celebrities, like Rachel Hendrix, who inspire others by chasing their dreams, standing firm in their faith in God and representing absolute beauty.

niNe. magazine places Rachel in the spotlight for sharing her experiences, aspirations, knowledge and love for God. niNe. encourages Godly love, inspires beauty and motivates significance which complements Rachel’s beliefs. Hendrix emphasized that nothing is impossible when you open your life to God and when you “follow your bliss.” Hendrix claims it will not be easy. But, with His love you can make it through the toughest of times. Moreover, she wants to instill to niNe. magazine’s readers that they are beautiful, inside and out. God created them and they should love themselves – a message that niNe. wants to evoke in their readers. Lastly, Hendrix wants to promote three basic acts in which she wants to urge in Christian teens to embrace and practice in their daily lives:

  1. love everyone unconditionally
  2. act out of kindness
  3. be gentle in heart

The timing of Rachel Hendrix appearing on the cover of this month’s edition of niNe. magazine perfectly compliments the prom season. Rachel desires for youth to know the topics and ideas that niNe. magazine presents during this period of a teen’s life. For more information visit niNe. magazine’s website or to view the full article on Rachel Hendrix.


Today, Nine Media, Inc., releases their annual financial report. Download our statement here or find filing with the State Colorado here.



Cover Issue 4 - Kari JobeKari Jobe, a Christian singer/songwriter who also serves as an associate worship pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, is featured in the November/December Issue of niNe. magazine. Her character is one of love and integrity, making her a perfect feature artist for niNe. magazine’s cover story. As a ministry, niNe’s goal is to promote internal beauty through Christian role models such as Jobe.

Jobe’s latest recording project, Where I Find You, is set for release in January 2012. In her feature, she explains that her album’s theme is about the importance of praising God simply for His presence. She also hopes to provoke the idea of coming out of our comfort zone in our faith. niNe. magazine supports these themes and believes that Jobe’s attitude and intent with the album is exactly what we should look for in contemporary Christian music. The article is suitably featured in the November/December issue to instill a sense of hope in the readers as they enter a season of winter. Jobe’s encouraging words in reference to the new album provide an uplifting transition into the following colder months.

In addition, Jobe’s article includes a section pertaining to her efforts with the A21 campaign, an organization rooted in abolishing 21st century human trafficking. niNe. magazine reinforces this cause, as it displays an example of the “hands and feet” of Christ working to prevent the inhumane treatment of God’s beloved.

For more information, visit niNe. magazine’s website or view the full on Kari Jobe.



Cover Issue 3 - Beckah ShaeBeckah Shae is featured on the September/October issue of niNe. magazine, the magazine’s first online edition. As a devoted Christian in the music business, Shae uses her scripture inspired lyrics to turn listeners’ hearts to God. niNe. spotlights Christian role models, like Shae, who exhibit a strong faith in God and propagate positive messages that encourage young women to follow their hearts and stand for God’s kingdom.

Throughout her eight year career, Shae has sung and produced several top 10 Billboard Christian CHR singles, including “Here in This Moment” and “LIFE.” She is currently promoting her fourth and newest album, “Destiny,” which she co-wrote with her husband and collaboration partner, “Shoc.” The album, which was released in August, infuses pop music with messages from the Bible.

niNe. magazine chose to feature Shae and her single “#Putyourloveglasseson” this month for her commitment to spreading His word and her emphasis on seeking truth. niNe. encourages teen girls to spend time with God and embrace His love, the same message that Shae stresses through her music. Shae believes that her experience of sharing the glory of God has set her free and allows her to be herself. As a result, she wants niNe. magazine’s readers to understand the importance of finding their own identities in Christ. Shae’s belief in the primacy of connecting with God is a message that niNe. strives to impart on its readers.

As this month’s edition of niNe. marks the magazine’s return from a brief hiatus, Shae’s appearance on the cover and her belief in spreading God’s word perfectly represent the goals niNe. hopes to accomplish in future publications. For more information visit niNe. magazine’s website or to view the full article on Beckah Shae.



niNe. magazine has joined the ranks of online only publications and will no longer be available in a print format. The transition will occur for the Fall 2011 issue as the magazine looks for more opportunities to reach young people, at a rapid rate.

niNe. magazine was created to present Jesus Christ’s message of love and compassion through inspired, creative media that empowers and challenges youth and young adults to attain their fullness in God. The messages of niNe. magazine encourage youth to embody the fruit of the Holy Spirit and emulate God’s character through their lifestyle. With this mission, niNe. magazine places great significance on the development of creative and innovative media that attracts the attention of viewers. niNe magazine will continue to promote the qualities of life in which it is founded: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). With these principles as a guide, the online publication will allow young people to have easier access to content.

niNe. magazine believes its message needs to be available to all teens. “Our message is unique and uplifting, and in a world where teens unfortunately feel belittled pretty regularly, it’s important for them to have access to content that builds them up, encourages them and tells them that they are loved, beautiful and have a purpose in life now,” says founder Melinda Laging. By having the publication online, teens across the country can obtain the publication at any time for free with an Internet connection. Having its focus online, niNe. magazine will be able to increase readership at a faster pace, making an impact with its message quicker because it won’t be limited by print.

As a print magazine, only five publications were printed each year and readership was limited to those who purchased or received a hard copy. Now, niNe magazine will launch a new publication every two months, totaling six issues per year. Instead of the website just featuring clips of certain articles like before, all articles in their entirety will be available. Plus, additional content in the form of video, blogs, polls, quizzes, etc. will provide an interactive experience for teen readers.

niNe magazine has nine different sections: feature, look, body, relationships, reality, entertainment, you, intuition and faith. These nine sections help to better execute the mission and fulfill the purpose by looking beyond entertainment and fashion. The website is broken down into these sections so readers have a variety of options for connecting to the purpose of the magazine. One section will be updated every week so new content is available to readers on a consistent basis, keeping them interested in current material and coming back to review new content regularly.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., is releasing its annual financial report. Five years after conception, niNe. magazine has spent much of its time in the back wings planning for its return after the recession. The developing plans of 2010 have lead to the growth of niNe. magazine into an online media corporation. Our audience is primarily online, and we can significantly cut costs by eliminating print and distribution, therefore focusing our resources on expanding our reach making a larger impact in the lives of teenagers across America. This expansion will lead to numerous changes and exciting developments. Approximately 100% of our income for the year was from donations and no-interest loans.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization releases its annual financial report. Download our statement here or view our periodic report filed with the state of Colorado.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization releases its annual financial report. View our periodic report filed with the state of Colorado.



Today, Nine Media, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization releases its annual financial report. View our periodic report filed with the state of Colorado.


08/28/07 niNe. magazine MOVES TO CHARLOTTE

niNe. magazine, a publication aimed towards teenage girls in the Christian community, strong principles, good character and high self-esteem, while maintaining a focus on the girls’ personal interests and desires.

According to the founder, Melinda Laging, this transition to Charlotte, North Carolina will allow the magazine to better serve their audience by embracing the community and culture present in the Bible Belt. The move also places the magazine in a prime location to interact with contacts in the Christian community such as writers, producers and PR contacts. The company is planning to make the move in mid to late September of 2007.

niNe. magazine, has established its reputation through sharing the Word of God and inspiring youth in a short period since its founding in 2005. Through it’s place as a strong alternative to current media trends, niNe. magazine has captured attention from audiences across the United States and in four Canadian provinces. The change to a new location will not be an easy journey and niNe. expects a few bumps in the road; however, the experience to be gained along the way will be worthwhile and rewarding for the future of niNe. magazine.

During this transition niNe. magazine will cease printing until the company is resettled in its new hometown and has a firm ground. The readers of niNe. magazine have received a letter informing them of the move, along with a CD supplied by Providence Label Group as a little thank you for their support, loyalty and patience as niNe. makes this cross country transition. niNe. magazine can now be reached at P.O. Box 12031 Charlotte, NC 28201. All other information remains unchanged.



Nine Magazine, Inc. is changing their corporate name to Nine Media, Inc. The word “magazine” used in the company’s title is too limited for the growth Nine Media, Inc. wants to accomplish in the future. The actual print magazine will remain under the new media group as an outreach to teenage girls, and the company’s current primary focus.

The name change is to help open up future avenues for new publications along with other media outlets including movies, short films, TV shows, books, music. As technological developments or the desires of audience members change and evolve, Nine Media wants to be on the forefront of these advancements and needs a name to encompass further possibilities. The new name allows Nine Media to respond to readers’ needs for more creative and personal avenues.

Nine Media remains an outreach company that impacts teenagers and young adults with positive, alternative media.

Nine Media inc logo (2011)This change is a new branding decision. Along with the name change, Nine Media also introduces their new logo.




Today, Nine Magazine, Inc. (www.ninemagazine.org), a 501c3 non-profit organization, releases its annual financial report. Nine Magazine, Inc. was founded on the responsibility of encouraging and empowering teens through positive content in which teens can relate. Our highlights for the 2006 year was the launch of niNe. magazine, featuring suffer Bethany Hamilton on the cover. 25,000 publications were distributed nationwide. Nine Magazine, Inc. also received a grant from the Broomfield Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee to help support the launch of the publication.

niNe. magazine’s measurable goals for 2007 include the financial security of at least two publications before a national re-launch may occur, which equates to approximately $40,000. niNe. magazine will use the two premier issues established in 2006 as a marketing test for proper campaign development to release consecutive publications highlighting a long term commitment to publish five publications as anticipated per year. niNe. magazine experienced a 500% growth in advertising sales during the 2006 year. Subscription increased approximately 30%. 50% of all subscribers reside in Colorado. 90% are located in the United States, while 10% live in Canada. Click here to download a copy of Nine Magazine, Inc. 2006 Financial Annual Report.


02/12/07 GRANT THAT HELPS niNe. magazine PAY IT FORWARD


As a testament to their mission and the real time help niNe. magazine is providing for young girls across the country, the Youth Advisory Committee of the Broomfield Community Foundation in Broomfield, Colorado awarded niNe. magazine a grant of $2,000 to support the publication in the Colorado area.

The Youth Advisory Committtee is a group of students from Broomfield, Colorado who award grants to non-profit organizations that they feel have positively affected the youth in their area. The founder of niNe. magazine, Melinda Laging, saw the award as reaffirming the work the magazine is doing for youth across the nation. “It was a big deal for us to receive this grant because it is our audience stating that they like what we do and want to support it financially,” commented Laging. Most noteworthy, as the first grant the magazine received, it served as a foot-in-the-door for the magazine and essentially caused other organizations to start noticing their efforts.

In order to be a candidate for the Youth Advisory Committee grant, the niNe. magazine staff had to submit a proposal including a letter to the board, details about the magazine’s production as well as facts and figures concerning their work and budget. Laging then met with the board in an interview where she felt a connection and personal understanding with the teens. When the decision was made to award the grant to niNe. magazine, Laging was delighted to know that the committee felt that niNe. magazine was a genuine fit. “Receiving this grant proves that niNe. magazine is able to relate directly to our teen audience’s needs, assisting with the development of their self-worth and character through a fun and interactive medium,” stated Laging.

About Broomfield Community Foundation: The Broomfield Community Foundation was established in 1993 to create an ongoing source of funds for local charitable organizations. It is a vehicle for community philanthropy that enables individuals of both modest and substantial means to help “build a community with heart.”  For more information, please contact the Broomfield Community Foundation at 303-469-7208 or visit the web site at www.broomfieldfoundation.org .



Melinda Laging, Founder of niNe. magazine, speaks on materialism during a short feature on Denver’s local news channel. Laging shares three ways to help defeat materialism by encouraging teens to change their mindset:

  • Change their view of other people
  • Give up a luxury
  • Change their view of themselves

Melinda encouraged teens to be thankful for the things that they do have.

Anchor Natalie Tysdal states that niNe. magazine helping teens of an influential age build confidence.

Read the article “Material Girls,” the topic behind Melinda’s appearance.

Melinda also appeared on Channel 9 News to briefly discuss niNe. magazine.



From California to Connecticut – niNe. magazine is making it’s way into press rooms with it’s unique and diligent message. niNe. magazine’s refreshing view and innovative approach to the teen magazine has sparked interest in news venues across the nation. Some press rooms approach the publication with the question of, “are you out to change what we do?” while others just simply ask, “why?”

Is the press actually fearful that niNe. magazine might actually change the ways of the media? Change is certainly not the intention behind niNe., however, influencing teens to decipher the truth and inspire possible future change is the purpose behind niNe. magazine. The magazine inspires and empowers teen girls to be who they were created to be.

niNe. magazine attracts teen readers and their parents alike influencing teen’s perspective on the media. Teens no longer look at the media the same, they hate being sold to, and now understand how they are influenced and manipulated into believing false truths. Parents embrace this change and growth in teens.

Teens are now reaching out to niNe. magazine. They feel respected and honored when reading the publication. The magazine offers more depth in content. Ads are sophisticated, the approach is courageous, and the content does not talk down to teens. Teens are delighted by this publication, as are parents, thus creating a huge pull from press rooms. niNe. magazine is the new hip publication for teen girls and creating waves across the nation.

For more information on niNe. magazine, visit www.ninemagazine.org.



Cover Issue 2 - Bethany DillonBethany Dillon, a Christian musician with three top ten hits, graces the cover of niNe. magazine’s January/ February issue.

“Bethany wrote a song back in 2004 called ‘Beautiful’ that really captured the attention of our audience, plus it spoke of the message that we wanted to present to niNe. readers. She caught teenagers’ attention again in 2005 with her song ‘Dreamer,’ which was on the soundtrack of the Dakota Fanning movie of the same name. She had been on our radar as an influential young woman, so when we connected with her label, we felt like it was a perfect fit and were really excited to have her on our cover,” stated the founder of niNe. magazine, Melinda Laging.

Dillon is the kind of role model that niNe. magazine looks for in a cover artist. niNe. magazine focuses on teenagers realizing their significance in life. Dillon is a great example of this because at just seventeen years of age she was already fulfilling her dreams. She won several Dove Award nominations, and was the highest selling female solo debut for Christian music in 2004 for her self-titled Sparrow Records launch, which features the #1 single “All I Need.” Her achievements demonstrate that young women can accomplish great things, helping readers realize that God uses everyone’s gifts and talents to influence the lives of others. Dillon is truly gifted and inspirational to young women. “She finds the beauty in life and encourages her listeners to find the unique beauty that God gave them.”

Laging later stated, tying Bethany into niNe’s values, “Encouraging teen girls in their worth, beauty and self-esteem is what niNe. is all about, and Bethany’s music compliments our mission perfectly.” Even after all of her success Bethany remains humble and true to herself and contributes all of her continued success to her family and God whom she worships through all of her songs.



Studies from the National Eating Disorder Association claim that girls are now suffering from eating disorders as early at 10 years of age. Eating disorders are illnesses with a biological basis, modified and influenced by emotional and cultural factors. Even though emotional and cultural influences are only part of the cause they still play a heavy roll in the development of disordered eating. Media often portray false impressions of realistic, and healthy weight, eating and exercising habits, and appropriate consumption. New perspectives and approaches have come into play over the years within the media geared toward women, but what about those girls, starting at age 10, who are suffering from disordered eating for the first time?

niNe. magazine, a new publication for teen girls presents healthy images for girls from cover to cover. “The models we use in our photo’s aren’t always real models. We like to use real girls, who hang out at school and the mall with their friends. Their unique beauty comes from their character, and all the girls we use are gorgeous, internally and externally.” niNe. magazine believes teens need to hear that they are beautiful more often. The emotional factors that cause disordered eating are most likely caused by the lack of self-esteem. niNe. magazine wants to tackle this issue. Our culture should create a loving environment for teenagers, not one that beats them down and makes them feel ugly and inadequate.

Here are some tips that niNe. magazine includes in their premier issue about disordered eating:

Pick up a copy today, or subscribe online to learn more about this devastating topic. niNe. magazine features a real life story of a young woman who survived this scary disease.

The stigma associated with eating disorders has long kept individuals suffering in silence, inhibited funding for crucial research and created barriers to treatment. Because of insufficient information, the public and professionals fail to recognize the dangerous consequences of eating disorders. While eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses, there is help available and recovery is possible.

To learn more about niNe. magazine, visit www.ninemagazine.org.

To learn more about the National Eating Disorder Association, visit www.nationaleatingdisorders.org.
















In exchange for running an ad in the Bethany Hamilton issue of niNe. magazine, niNe. staff members Louise Wo, editor, and Melinda Laging, founder, received free admission to interview the hottest Christian bands at the Cornerstone Music Festival.

The Christian music festival is hosted by Jesus People, USA and is held annually in Bushnell, Illinois since 1984. The summer festival is a week-long event including biblical-based seminars, sporting activities, kids programs and bands such as David Crowder Band, Underoath, and Copeland. Wo and Laging were able to interview a variety of bands as well as attend several concerts. Wo was given the chance to interview her favorite bands and Laging was able to discover new talent to feature in niNe. magazine.

Cornerstone Music FestivalAs a part of their deal with Cornerstone Music Festival, Laging was invited to speak on the main stage in front of about 20,000 people in attendance to talk about niNe. magazine. “I always get nervous speaking in front of people, but if God is going to lay opportunities out before you, it’s hard to avoid them.” However, after she got up on stage, the words to describe the publication came naturally to her and the rest of the night people recognized her from the stage and approached her about the magazine.

niNe. magazine shared a booth with Sherril Agency, a small company that promotes bands and was able to hand out publications and other items to promote the magazine.




BY MAGGIE MCDERMOTT FOR BROOMFIELD ENTERPRISEBroomfield Enterprise - niNe. Magazine Counts on Character_WPF








BY MAGGIE MCDERMOTT FOR THE DAILY CAMERADaily Camera - A positive role model_WPF







Sitting on her board in the clear waters near Ha‘ena on Halloween Day 2003, then 13-year-old surfing star Bethany Hamilton waited to catch a single wave. Out of nowhere, a shark quietly appeared and ripped off Hamilton’s left arm.

It’s a story well-known to residents of the Garden Island and a story shared with the world when it happened nearly three years ago.

Around the same time, magazine producer Melinda Laging and colleagues were starting up an inspirational magazine targeted towards teens ages 12 to 18. Laging remembers the first time she heard Hamilton’s story.

“When Bethany Hamilton was attacked, I saw her on TV and I just remembered her being so inspiring,” Laging said. “That day I thought, ‘the day I have her on the cover of the magazine is the day I know I’m doing the right thing.’”

Hamilton’s story is now being revisited in the premiere issue of Nine magazine. In it, Hamilton not only discusses her surprise shark attack, but also discusses her new line of shampoos, perfumes and jewelry that launched at Claire’s Boutiques earlier this year.

“I have the coconut-flavored lip gloss. It’s so great,” Laging said.

The $15 million-dollar movie based on her story is also set to start filming this fall.

But Hamilton’s feature story for the magazine goes much deeper than product endorsements and a re-telling of what happened to her in the fall of 2003. Laging said that Hamilton is the epitome of the principles the staff at Nine magazine is trying to project on teens.

“The magazine is based on the nine principles we here think are important to teens: love, joy, peace, faithfulness, patience, self- control, kindness, goodness and gentleness,” said Laging. “She’s our perfect cover story in that she’s just so positive and inspirational. The fact that she’s still going strong, loves her family and loves her faith, she’s our ideal cover for the premiere issue.”

Despite sounding like a religious-themed magazine, Laging said that it really isn’t.

“We get asked that a lot, but we’re doing this with a different approach than the other magazines for teens that encourage them to get the hottest new thing on the market,” Laging said. “It’s easy to take the materialistic approach, but we want to empower the girls and tell them they are beautiful and have a lot to offer. So that’s how we differ from those publications.”

Hamilton is currently in California surfing in the finals for a national championship.

Laging said the most important message to take away from the magazine is for the teenage girls to have faith in themselves and have a sense of who they are in their own identities. In using Hamilton as the cover story for the premiere issue, the staff at Nine magazine hopes to do just that.

“Her story has kind of been swept under the rug a little bit,” Laging said. “It’s fun to bring it back into the open.”

For more information on Nine magazine and how to get a copy of the issue, visit www.ninemagazine.org.



niNe. magazine seeks to be a “breath of fresh air” for those teens and parents tired of trying to find quality magazine material. niNe is focused on young women, ages 12 to 18. It seeks to emphasis character, self-esteem and individuality.

No magazine on the market resembles niNe. It informs through its stories and articles while giving readers choices for their futures. The magazine aims to be fun while emphasizing inner beauty and the development of one’s self-esteem.

niNe wants to let its readers have choices. From astronauts to architects, young women today are challenging themselves academically and socially, but still face many important moral and spiritual crossroads. niNe serves as a backdrop for the choices and changes that are facing teenage girls.

The nine characteristics of niNe magazine encapsulate its message and its voice; love, faithfulness, joy, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, peace and self-control are its core. These values can determine the future of a young woman. They can govern her life while coloring her future.

niNe includes all the flair of a traditional girl’s magazine with its additional emphasis on character and virtues. niNe is committed to its readers and wants to let them define their journey while appropriating their time towards enhancing and encouraging their own well-being.

Success can be taught. And niNe seeks to give its readers tools to learn success. If you have been searching for a girl’s magazine with fashion, entertainment, relationships and an emphasis on character development, than this is your magazine.



New magazine for teenage girls focuses on real girls and real issues

niNe. magazine is the new teenage girl publication targeting girls who want to be real. niNe. magazine wants to draw girls’ attention to their inner beauty. The name of the magazine symbolically captures this by capitalizing the second “N” to draw the reader’s attention to the inner aspect of the word.

niNe. magazine brings together the idea of inner beauty by using the following nine characteristics as editorial inspiration: Love, faithfulness, patience and peace, self-control, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and joy. Girls find their true beauty and increase their esteem by drawing out these characteristics in themselves.

The teenagers will read about exPectations of niNe. magazine, the latest loOk, tips for the boDy, advice on relationShips, the reaLity of teenage life, featuRe stories, entertaiNment news, improving yOu, and learning intuItion.

niNe. magazine is intentional about helping girls find their inner beauty. Profit is not what this magazine is after, but rather making the girls their first priority. This non-profit organization gives back to the community whatever it receives.

Rarely does one see a magazine like niNe. magazine.   The girls of this era are ready! In this time when reality TV rules, teens crave realism themselves. niNe. magazine is just what these girls want and need.



The topic of teens and self esteem is the latest buzz. Oprah, Katie Couric and many others are talking about how society’s idea that “sex sells” is quickly being replaced with a new focus on SELF. This new trend creates a need for a magazine that defies the trends of years ago. niNe. magazine, a brand new magazine, is committed to promoting moral values and self expression in a fun and exciting manner for teenage girls ages 12 to 18. The premier issue just launched in early June 2006.

niNe. magazine is part of a non-profit corporation committed to promoting positive values and a healthy lifestyle for teenage girls. “Our goal is to influence the lives of teenage girls by advocating good character, high self-esteem, and strong principles, while maintaining focus on the interests and desires of this market,” says Louise Wo, Co-Founder. niNe. magazine’s vision is to see the development of a community of individuals who value truth and virtue, and who will challenge each other to grow into young women of integrity and high standards.

Recent studies show that teenagers hold a more traditional value and have better emotional health, academic success, and avoid precarious behavior. Readers of niNe. magazine are style conscious teens who seek more to life than materialism, “We believe teenagers want approval from their friends, family, and society’s ideals, while seeking their identity in the world. They are caring, loving, passionate, and have a drive to do their best and give everything they can,” says Louise Wo.

The title comes from the nine characteristics of love, faithfulness, joy, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, peace, and self-control. “These qualities are ones that we believe encourage wholesome behavior which lead to a quality life,” says Wo. The magazine is composed of nine departments consisting of loOk, boDy, relationShips, reaLity, featuRe, entertaiNment, yOu, intuiTion, and exPectations. Each department is reflective of one of the previous listed characteristics in each publication.

niNe. magazine is where teenagers go for the latest information about beauty, fashion, and entertainment with a positive, refreshing perspective,” states Wo. The staff of this magazine have an intimate knowledge and understanding of their target market. niNe. magazine has formed two committees for the sole purpose of gathering data and information from teens. Members of these committees are pre-scanned leaders and trendsetters who influence and inspire their fellow teens. Community members and parents involved generate an understanding of what parent’s are willing to purchase. “These committees have proven to be a great opportunity to delve into new ideas about trends, issues, and even products,” says the Co-Founder. Each staff member is also required to meet with teen groups weekly to create an authentic understanding of a teenager’s lifestyle, making it a safe and healthy publication for teenagers.

In-house research shows that parents are more likely to buy niNe. magazine over other teen magazines because of its content and reputation; two-thirds of mothers interviewed said they would prefer their daughter to read wholesome material about character development. Louise Wo comments, “niNe. magazine helps create an appreciation of self worth.”


BY SUSAN CAMPBELL FOR THE HARTFORD COURANTHartford Courant - Small Signs of Progress Amid Media's Skewed View of Women_WPF

Before I could stop myself at the bookstore, I reached for a magazine with a screaming headline: “I Was Too Ugly To
Leave the House.”

Beyond that were the questions: “Are you a good flirt?” and “Is your butt bikini-ready?”

Oh, to be 15 again, when life was a tube of lip gloss (strawberry) and chunky wedgies (the shoes), where magazines I furtively read in the check-out line set impossible standards of beauty that promised to gain the newer, dewier me that ultimate measure of success, a boyfriend.

When we weaned ourselves from “Seventeen,” things didn’t get much better. The recent Cosmopolitan offers “62 Sex Moves,” and “Gorgeous Eye Looks” and “Are You Ever a Bitch?”

Well, yeah, but generally only after I read most of the magazines aimed at me, a woman.

We in the media do a lot of things poorly, including providing context and portraying women — but not in that order. From the first serious study of media and women in the early ’70s, the media place women in four spheres: women in the home, women dependent on men, women not making important decisions (like which toilet bowl cleaner to use), and women as sex objects.

We’ve not come so long a way after all, baby.

“Seventeen”’s latest “Pretty Hair Issue” offers “Get a Nice Bikini Butt” and a whole page of tips to “make him want you!” Sure, there are the scattered O-like pages (“Here’s Your Declaration of Personal Independence”), but there is — still and always — a heavy emphasis on looks and weight.

I could go on, but I think, for now, I will just refer media consumers to a handful of publications like “niNe,” a new magazine spelled just like that. niNe’s mission, says Melinda Laging, executive producer, is to “advocate strong principles, high self-esteem and good character while still maintaining the focus on the interests and desires of teen girls.” (By contrast, the mission of “Teen Vogue” appears to be preparing its readers for long days spent seducing unsuspecting hotties at the beach.)

In niNe’s first issue, Laging, who is relatively new to the publishing world, profiled Bethany Hamilton, the young surfer who lost her arm to a shark in 2003 but continues to compete. Another article explored being authentic, even around boys you want to impress.

The magazine’s title comes from nine characteristics — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Laging, while admitting the traits are “pretty girly,” said, “We believe these characteristics help create a wholesome lifestyle, without being over the top. Or lame.”

The middle “n” is capitalized, said Laging, to draw attention to the reader’s inner world. Right now, the plan is to publish five times a year — more as the readers start noticing.

The rub is that niNe is a non-profit organization, like Ms. Magazine, the latter of which is run by the Feminist Majority Foundation. That means the magazine doesn’t and won’t take advertisements that demean women or young girls. Like Ms., niNe relies on contributors, but mostly they rely on subscriptions. (To subscribe, visit ninemagazine.org, or e-mail subscribe@ninemagazine.org.) They’re hoping there are enough potential readers out there more concerned with weightier issues than their bikini butts.

“We are not out to change the media,” Laging said. “Nor are we out to be hateful toward the current tactics of the media, but…women deserve to hear that they are beautiful, intelligent, worthwhile, and strong. We want to offer that message.”


niNe. magazine, a hip new publication for teen girls, just launched their premiere issue. This publication advocates strong principles, good character and high self-esteem, while maintaining focus on the interests and desires of teen girls ages 12 to 18. Love, faithfulness, patience and peace, self-control, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and joy are nine characteristics niNe. magazine is dedicated to promoting to teenage girls in each publication. The content is about teen’s expectations, look, body, relationships, reality and intuitions. In addition, niNe. magazine is a source in which teens can read about a wide-range of interests in fashion, entertainment, influential celebrities and fitness.

niNe. magazine is a non-profit organization with heavy advertising restrictions, offering readers and their family the opportunity to support niNe. magazine through tax exempt donations. niNe. magazine received a grant from the Broomfield Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee, to help fund the premiere issue.

Pick up a copy of niNe. magazine at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, or Hollywood Video, thanks to the generosity of Trader and Distributech. Visit ninemagazine.org, email subscribe@ninemagazine.org, or call 1-877-887-2432 for more information on this new publication.



niNe. magazine might be a perfect match for teenage girls who are tired of being fed an unrealistic image of beauty. While other teenage girl publications place an emphasis on outward appearance, niNe. magazine wants to know what’s on the inside.

niNe. magazine, a brand new “moral value” publication for teenage girls 12 to 18, looks at teen girls as more than just consumers. Instead, niNe. encourages teen girls to seek more out of life than materialism by offering them an alternative lifestyle focused on positive values.

niNe. magazine strives to be a hip, entertaining and fun magazine for teenage girls that offers respectable content and reaches out to young people.

In an effort to break out of the traditional teen magazine mold, niNe. magazine seeks to influence the lives of teenage girls by advocating good character, high self-esteem and strong principles, while maintaining focus on the interests and desires of its readers.

The magazine caters to teenage girls’ interests in fashion and relationships, but includes departments like yOu, which focus on building character and self-esteem and emphasize the importance of faith and security in one’s self.

The capital “N” in niNe.’s name is intentional. It is meant to direct readers’ attention to the inner aspect of the word, which is exactly what the magazine seeks to do – promote inner beauty.

niNe. will release its launch issue in June 2006 and is looking for subscribers. A yearlong subscription is currently comprised of 5 issues and comes with a price tag of only $8.



Cover Issue 1 - Bethany HamiltonThe premier issue of niNe. magazine, a new publication that focuses on character development and self-esteem in teen girls, features Bethany Hamilton and her amazing survival story. It has been three years since Bethany’s life changing surfing accident involving a 14-foot tiger shark, but that accident hasn’t kept her down. Bethany’s current activities involve the launch of beauty products “Stoked” and “Wired for Life” by Revolution Fragrances and Cosmetics, a jewelry line sold across the nation at Claire’s, a full length movie and getting back on that surfboard! Bethany’s heart still is, and always will be on her surfboard.

niNe. magazine features teen celebrities, like Bethany Hamilton, who inspire teens to be faithful, determined and to pursue the goodness of one’s heart. Bethany’s story is surrounded by positive messages about how to be healthy and still have fun. Her heart desires to live life to the fullest without any extra unnecessary fluff.

niNe.’s other material is entirely complimentary of Bethany’s story. As  result, niNe. magazine discusses all the hot topics of a normal teen magazine, but they dig a little deeper into these issues. Consequently, while talking about boys, niNe. discusses being real and setting high standards for relationships, along with a light, yet not silly article about summer flings. The magazine digs into issues of family and friends and how to enjoy their company, and use their presence in your life to grow into a better woman.

niNe. magazine encourages readers to reach outside of themselves by serving others through volunteering, donating money, and being kind to friends and neighbors.

When it comes to fashion, niNe.’s got it! niNe. has the latest fashion tips, but ads a little punch to the topic by discussing how to express yourself through your fashions, or how to dress appropriately and still be entirely fashionable.

niNe. magazine digs into deeper topics that teens face everyday within their school community. The magazine has two pages on the close to home topic of eating disorders. Every teen girl has been affected by an eating disorder. They, themselves have either experienced one, or know someone who has. Party and underage drinking is also a topic that needs to be addressed with the teen audience. niNe. digs into this topic with interesting statistics. The art is fun and exhilarating, making the article sound conversational rather than like a classroom lecture.



 Love, faithfulness, patience and peace, self-control, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and joy are nine characteristics niNe. magazine is dedicated to promoting to teenage girls in a new publication launching at the end of May, 2006.

niNe. magazine is considered a “moral value” magazine because its content is not only consistent with these nine characteristics, but because it also advocates good character, high self-esteem and strong principles.

niNe. magazine is part of the non-profit organization, Nine Magazine, Inc. The non-profit’s approach to developing niNe. magazine is to make the positive influence of teenage girls in its first priority. Therefore, it is not focused on increasing advertising sales for profit.

Because of its non-profit status, subscribers and their family members and friends are able to make tax-deductible donations to the magazine. Donations help enable niNe. magazine to reach and influence a wider teenage audience.

niNe. magazine does not promote topics that focus exclusively on sex, consumerism, negative celebrity gossip, drugs or alcohol. Instead, this publication is eager to challenge its readers to discover themselves and grow in their own personal identity by providing content in which they can relate and learn.

This magazine is a source to which teenagers can go for the latest on beauty, fashion, and entertainment. It promotes positive messages about being beautiful both on the inside and outside because it encourages teen girls to grow into well-rounded, respectable, confident and successful women.

niNe. magazine acknowledges that in today’s society teenage girls are highly influenced by messages created by the media. Consequently, niNe. magazine wants to be a positive media outlet for teenage girls that provides them with an encouraging outlook on what being a woman in today’s society entails.

The sections of the magazine are exPectations, loOk, boDy, relationShips, reaLity, featuRe, entertaiNment, yOu, and intuItion. The capital letters in the middle of these words are intentional. It is meant to direct readers’ attention to the inner aspect of the word, symbolic of our hope to promote inner beauty and faith in one’s self.

The yOu section is an important part of the magazine because it addresses the development of teenage girls and supports them in their journey to adulthood. The content in this section seeks to build self-esteem, character, confidence and maturity.

The intuItion section is designed to stimulate creative and analytical thinking. This section includes applicable quizzes about personality and character traits. Study tips, tension relievers, and issues about education and schools are also featured in this section.

The exPectations section strives to develop a relationship with the readers. This section consists of uplifting quotes, “Behind the Scenes” (letters and pictures from staff members), embarrassing moments and “Dear niNe. magazine” letters from readers.

The featuRe section focuses on an influential and well-known figure who is admired and viewed as a positive role model for teenagers.

All these efforts are consistent with niNe. magazine’s mission to influence the lives of teenage girls by advocating good character, high self-esteem and strong principles, while still focusing on the interests and desires of the teenage market.



Turning the page_ New teen magazine focuses on what’s insideBY TENTLY WOODMAN FOR TURNING THE PAGE (CARRIE UNDERWOOD FAN PAGE) AND BOSTON HERALD

NiNe. magazine doesn’t Photoshop blemishes or serve up the latest celebrity gossip.


The new Colorado-based publication instead dedicates its pages to promoting self-esteem, volunteerism, philanthropy, positive journalism and literacy for adolescent girls.


“Teen girls are not given enough credit,” said Louise Wo, 20, managing editor and co-founder.


Wo, who is entering her senior year at Colorado University-Boulder, and Melinda Laging, 24, executive producer of niNe., are holding youth-oriented journalism to a different standard.


“I really didn’t read that many (teen magazines) because I was just appalled by them,” said Laging, a Kansas
native. “I never picked up a publication, because I didn’t like what I was being fed.”


The magazine’s name stands for nine characteristics Wo and Laging hope their readership will strive toward:
love, faithfulness, patience, peace, self-control, kindness, goodness, gentleness and joy.


NiNe. operates as a nonprofit organization, which helps Wo and Laging control advertising content.


“We have restrictions on what we present to teenagers because we don’t want to give them mixed messages,”
Laging said of ads. “It helps us maintain our mission and our vision.


Ads featured in the current issue include “American Idol” Carrie Underwood’s Sketchers campaign
and public service announcements about body image and eating disorders.


Their premiere issue features teen surfer Bethany Hamilton on the cover and readers’ poetry inside.


“We want to hear teenagers’ voices,” Laging said. “(We want them to) express themselves in a healthy way
instead of turning to food, alcohol or cutting. (We want to) help them move beyond that (and) encourage teens
to express themselves.”


Wo said their main goal is to dig deeper into topics, such as the current issue’s first-person feature on living with an eating disorder.


“Those are the topics that help teenagers grow,” Wo said.



Today, Nine Magazine, Inc. (www.ninemagazine.org), a 501c3 non-profit organization, releases its annual financial report. Since Nine Magazine, Inc. projects to launch niNe. magazine in the summer of 2006, with two remaining publication for the year, it etimates producing an expense of $174,544. To learn more about Nine Magazine, Inc and download our statement, click here for the 2005 Annual Report.



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Broomfield Enterprise Article New Teen magazine offers dose of moral standards_WPFBY AIMEE HECKEL for BROOMFIELD ENTERPRISE




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Today, we welcome niNe. magazine into the world of media. In her years as a college student, Melinda Laging (founder of niNe. magazine) saw a desperate need for innovative publications, specifically targeting young women in their teens. This need sparked the idea to create niNe. magazine, a publication that serves as a positive outlet for teenage girls, amongst a barrage of negativity and unrealistic idealism in the media world. Not only will the magazine show a strong moral stance, but it will encourage girls to affirm their character and self-worth.

Ms. Laging uses the Bible as the base for defining the morals and values of niNe. magazine. “I have been a Christian my whole life. But, my idea of ‘spreading the word’ has evolved more over time, and it is still evolving. I can’t say that I’ve always had a strong desire to share God’s love to everyone, but I have always felt the need to help equip others to present the gospel to those they love. I guess that is what I feel like I’m doing with niNe. magazine, encouraging others to share who God is to them rather than sharing my personal story to the world,” says Laging.

PrintThe name “niNe. magazine” emphasizes the nine components of the fruit of the Spirit. The name is derived from the verse, Galatians 5:22-23, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.”  A focus group of teenage girls favored this specific name out of a selection of three other options for the magazine title.

The Colorado Secretary of State recognizes Nine Magazine, Inc. as a non-profit organization. Attorney, Jim Figg, helped Ms. Laging in the process of initiation. Deciding to operate the publication as a non-profit organization, Nine Magainze, Inc. established a Board of Directors comprised of the following individuals: Tina Goode, Jim Gudenkauf, Nancy Gardiner, Dewey Bailey, Nicole Gilbert and Aimee Heckel. Ms. Laging receives editorial and administrative assistance from co-founder Louis Wo.